signs of meth abuse

What are the Signs of Meth Abuse?

Meth is short for methamphetamines. Some of these drugs have medicinal uses such as for weight loss or the treatment of ADHD. Crystal meth is an illicit chemical substance that mimics the legal drug’s effects. It’s possible to form an addiction to either drug, but could you recognize the signs of meth abuse?Physical Signs of…

drug addiction rehabilitation

Detox and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Your drug or alcohol abuse is out of control. You need drug addiction rehabilitation now. Do you know how to go about getting the assistance you need? It all starts with detoxification.Detoxification is the First Step on the Road to RecoveryDetox breaks the physical dependence on a drug. In the process, your body regains equilibrium.…

prescription drugs definition

Addictive Prescription Drugs Definition

When you’re taking prescription drugs in a way that your doctor didn’t intend, you might be abusing the medications. In some cases, you may be doubling up on a dose to get better effectiveness. But misuse for other reasons can fall under prescription drugs definition. What do you need to know about the practice today?Which…

addiction relapse statistics

Addiction Relapse Statistics [Infographic]

?Anyone who has ever struggled with addiction, or even knows someone who struggled with addiction, is probably familiar with the term relapse. However, relapse is not a small problem that impacts a handful of people. These addiction relapse statistics drive home the reality, which reveals how dangerous relapse is and what needs to be done…

drug intervention specialist

When Do You Need a Drug Intervention Specialist?

An intervention enables people to come together to convince their loved one to enter addiction treatment. An intervention specialist plans interventions. They also help you conduct your intervention meeting. But when do you need a drug intervention specialist?You Need a Drug Intervention SpecialistYou need a drug intervention specialist when your loved one refuses the treatment…

psychotherapy vs counseling

The Difference Between Psychotherapy vs Counseling

People often mix up psychotherapy vs counseling. The two terms have similar meanings, but these mental health services offer some differences. So what are the differences? Which of the two services best suit your needs?What is Counseling?Counseling is a series of conversations between you and your counselor during talk therapy sessions. Counseling sessions deal with…

effects of heroin use

You Should Know the Effects of Heroin Use

Struggling with a drug like heroin can hurt any individual or family. Naturally, heroin addiction touches all areas of life. The effects of heroin use will alter your physical and mental health, your relationships, your finances, and your future.If you want to improve your circumstances and get out from under the hold of heroin, get…

symptoms of vicodin abuse

Clear Symptoms of Vicodin Abuse

Knowing the symptoms of Vicodin abuse can be vital if you are concerned about a loved one or even yourself. Vicodin abuse is more common than you may think. Those who are struggling will naturally try to hide that they are abusing this drug. As a family member or friend, it could be up to…

problems drinking

The Problems Drinking Gives You

Do you think you may have problems drinking? Many Americans do, but it can be hard to admit that you have a problem.Got Problems Drinking? Admit That You’re StrugglingAlcohol is a tough drug to pinpoint problems. This is because it is a pervasive substance. You drink with friends and family. You probably drink with coworkers.…

signs of codependency

The Destructive Signs of Codependency

Drug addiction is a nasty business. So many people are guilty of underestimating its destructive power. We all know what it does to the addict. It turns their life upside down. Unfortunately, there is collateral damage that goes with the addiction package. That collateral damage comes in the form of how it affects the people…