north Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers

North Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

An online search for North Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers will produce a lot of results. If you’re a North Florida resident, you might even find the results overwhelming. However, it’s possible to narrow down the right facility by looking for the best programs and services.The Best of North Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab…

types of amphetamines

Many Types of Amphetamines–All Addictive

As you may know, there are many types of amphetamines. All of these drugs raise your blood pressure and heart rate. They also all constrict blood vessels and increase your body temperature, initiating your natural “fight or flight” response. Worst of all, amphetamines cause tolerance, physical dependence, and addiction.Types of AmphetaminesAmphetamines are a class of…

gray death drug

What is the Gray Death Drug?

When you are addicted to drugs, you often find yourself looking for a cheaper way to get a stronger high. However, these cheaper ways often come with even more dangerous effects. The gray death drug is an example. According to, this drug is actually not just one substance, but a compound drug made up…

effects of smoking heroin

What are the Effects of Smoking Heroin?

You know about injecting heroin, but did you know that it’s also possible to get high by smoking the drug? It’s a nervous system depressant that creates an initial feeling of euphoria. What are the effects of smoking heroin? More importantly, how can you stop when you realize that the habit’s slowly killing you?The Misconception…

behavioral health services group therapy session for women

Behavioral Health Services

It might shock people that most of the patients in a doctor’s office are there for behavioral health services. Perhaps they need treatment for diabetes management or an eating or substance use disorder. However, is there a difference between behavioral and mental health? Also, which services treat these disorders?The Line Between Behavioral and Mental HealthThe…

what to expect in drug rehab

What to Expect in Drug Rehab

When the time comes for an addict to seek help, many things might interfere with the decision to do so. Chief among these is fear of the unknown. The unknown, in this case, what to expect in drug rehab. We provide the following information with the hope it will make the unknown known, thus removing…

what is robotripping

What is Robotripping?

Robotripping might sound like it has something to do with robotics, but it is actually another term for a specific type of drug abuse. What is robotripping? The robo refers to the abuse of cough medicine, including the brand name Robitussin. We’ll dig deeper to understand better what robotripping is, why it is dangerous and…

therapy vs counseling

Difference Between Therapy vs Counseling

Therapy and counseling are an essential part of behavioral health care as well as addiction. But they work differently toward the same result. So which is better for you, therapy vs counseling?The Therapy vs Counseling DebateBoth therapy and counseling involve a trusting bond between you and your addiction specialist, just as both rely on talking…


The Best Relapse Prevention Model

We should applaud people who can get through rehab into full recovery from substance addiction. However, addiction treatment is only the beginning of the recovery process. Once outside the safe walls of rehab, the recovering addict is set forth to navigate recovery on their own. The smart ones will continue working on their issues and…