inhalant drug effects

Recognize Inhalant Drug Effects

For decades now, America has been living with a dirty little secret. The youth of America continues to abuse inhalants. We are talking about inhaling products such as volatile solvents like glue, fuels, nitrous-oxide, alkyl nitrates, and aerosols. The only explanation for someone sniffing these types of substances is wanting to get “high” at bargain…

types of behavioral therapy

How Does Behavioral Therapy Aid Addiction Treatment?

Behavioral therapies help many people improve their lives, particularly during addiction rehab. Do you know the key types of behavioral therapies? DBT, EMDR, and other important rehab therapy terms sound like an alphabet soup. But the changes they bring to your life make a significant impact on your future.About Behavioral TherapyDBT and EMDR are among…

women in Gender Responsive Group Therapy

Gender Responsive Group Therapy

Addictions are equal opportunity diseases. Women are just as likely as men to become addicted to substances like heroin or meth. However, the genders don’t always experience treatment the same way. That’s a primary reason why treatment facilities like Beaches Recovery offer gender-responsive group therapy programs. The ability to customize treatment programs for men or…

psychology of addiction

Understanding the Psychology of Addiction

A question that people often ask is what causes addiction. If there was one particular cause, perhaps, addiction would be easier to treat. We could find the cause, address it, and beat the addiction. While there are many factors involved in the development of an addiction, there is no one cause. However, to treat addiction…

woman sitting on the ground worried about her Addiction and Sexual Health

Addiction and Sexual Health

Addiction can impact many different areas of life. One of the often-overlooked aspects of addiction recovery is the connection between addiction and sexual health. Fortunately, addiction recovery programs at Beaches Recovery can include sexual health in a comprehensive treatment plan. Clients can leave with a greater understanding of their own sexuality, their sexual health and…

drug addiction and relationships

How to Survive Drug Addiction and Relationships

There is no denying the fact that drug addiction has a negative impact on a person’s physical and mental health. It can also wreak havoc on personal relationships. Drug addiction and relationships are an unhealthy mix. Explore some of the ways that drug addiction weakens relationships as well as how you can mend relationships with…

celebrities who did of drug overdose

Celebrities Who Died of Drug Overdose

Overdoses aren’t always fatal. However, a closer look at drug overdose deaths shows that survival frequently depends on the quick actions of others. When you consider the celebrities who died of drug overdose complications, it’s clear that this attention isn’t always there. Would you know how to recognize the symptoms?Types of Drug OverdosesThe celebrities who…

early recovery from addiction

How to Get Through Early Recovery from Addiction

Getting sober at a drug and alcohol treatment center is only the beginning of your journey. Now comes the challenge of readjusting to your home life. Gaining freedom after 30 to 90 days in a secluded rehab is tough. That’s because addiction is a chronic disease that won’t just go away. You’ll have to rebuild…

common substance abuse triggers

Avoid these Common Substance Abuse Triggers

There’s a misconception that people have recovered for good when they complete addiction rehab. Most of those in recovery, however, admit to struggling with the condition sometimes. It’s not easy to stay sober when life events cause stress or other triggers. Despite that, avoiding common substance abuse triggers is possible.How to Avoid Common Substance Abuse…

north Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers

North Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

An online search for North Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers will produce a lot of results. If you’re a North Florida resident, you might even find the results overwhelming. However, it’s possible to narrow down the right facility by looking for the best programs and services.The Best of North Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab…