therapist goes over the benefits of reality therapy with a patient

Benefits of Reality Therapy

When you are struggling with a mental health or substance abuse disorder, you can feel trapped, isolated and alone. Symptoms can make it difficult to manage your day to day life. Mental health and substance abuse disorders are chronic conditions that require lifelong management. Treatments like reality therapy, individual and group counseling, holistic therapies, and cognitive…

Woman Quiting Marijuna Giving You Depression

Quitting Marijuana Giving You Depression

Marijuana is prone to abuse and can result in addiction. When you become addicted to marijuana, quitting marijuana is difficult without help. When quitting marijuana depression and other withdrawal symptoms can increase cravings and make it hard to maintain sobriety after pursuing addiction therapy services in Florida.Many people abuse marijuana. The majority of adults in the…

man wonders why is addiction a disease

Why Is Addiction A Disease

More than 1 out of every 7 Americans ages 12 and older meet the criteria for a substance abuse disorder. But, is addiction a disease? Substance abuse disorders, such as addiction and alcoholism, are progressive and chronic mental health diseases that cause changes to your brain chemistry, decision making processes and cognition. Even though addiction…

people using ocean therapy for addiction

Ocean Therapy for Addiction

Evidence-based and holistic treatments, like cognitive and dialectic behavioral therapy and ocean therapy, are commonly used during recovery. Treatments like ocean therapy can help improve your ability to manage stress and provide you with a healthy coping strategy during recovery.Tens of millions of Americans struggle with a substance abuse or mental health disorder. Roughly 1 out…

person experiences the benefits of emdr therapy

Benefits of EMDR Therapy

Treatment such as EMDR therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can help you recover and better control your symptoms. Treatments like EMDR therapy in Jacksonville FL are utilized for both mental health and substance abuse disorders and are safe and effective.When you struggle with substance abuse or mental health disorder, you can feel frustrated, angry and isolated. Sometimes,…

woman suffers from an ayahuasca addiction

Fighting an Ayahuasca Addiction?

All psychoactive substances have the potential for abuse. Substance abuse disorders are relatively common, with more than 10% of Americans meeting the criteria for a substance abuse disorder annually. Addiction is also deadly, as overdoses are now the most common cause of accidental death in the United States. Addiction is a chronic condition, which means…

man experiencing the benefits of addiction group therapy

Addiction Group Therapy

Addiction has the ability to negatively affect your relationships, career, and physical and mental health. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to liver damage, increase your risk of acquiring an infectious disease and create financial problems. Treatment and addiction group therapy programs are important parts of the recovery process and can improve your ability to…

man deals with alcohol and anger

Alcohol and Anger, Find Your Relief

Ethanol, the main active ingredient in alcohol which produces the intoxicating effects, is lethal in large doses. Your liver is responsible for filtering impurities, such as ethanol. Unfortunately, your liver is only able to process one serving of alcohol every one and a half hours. Consuming large amounts of binge drinking can lead to alcohol…

man has trouble estimating rehab costs

Trouble Estimating Rehab Costs

When you make the decision to regain control over your addiction, estimating rehab costs is an important part of deciding where to attend treatment. Addiction and substance abuse disorders are chronic, incurable conditions. This means that you must learn how to manage your symptoms throughout your life-time. Inpatient and outpatient rehab programs understand the complexities…

man is going to rehab after work

Going to Rehab After Work

Whenever you struggle with a substance abuse problem and begin exploring your treatment options, you may wonder if you can go to rehab after work. While inpatient programs are residential, outpatient programs are less time-intensive and more flexible. Outpatient drug rehab in Jacksonville FL allows you to attend rehab after work.Addiction takes time to develop and…