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5 Heroin Facts That Will Make You Seek Addiction Help

Knowing heroin facts can be an important tool for getting help for yourself or a loved one. With the rise of heroin-related overdose deaths, it’s also important to know the facts about a heroin overdose and what it looks like. A person’s recovery from a heroin overdose depends greatly on how quickly they get medical…

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I Wish I Had Recognized the Signs of Alcoholism!

Do you suspect that your wife’s behavior is showing signs of alcoholism? It’s a misconception that those struggling with an alcohol use disorder leave a path of empty bottles in their wakes. Instead, they frequently hide their drinking and dispose of “evidence” before you can find it. However, there are other symptoms you can look…

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What’s the Hype about Opioid Dependence?

The news is full of stories related to opioid dependence. Officials call it an epidemic. But what hides behind the information you see? More importantly, how does it affect you?Alarming Opioid Dependence Statistics Point to a Growing ProblemWhen talking about opioids, commentators typically lump two distinct types of drugs into one topic: prescription painkillers and…

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How to Pick A Drug Addiction Treatment for Your Daughter

It doesn’t matter if she’s 18, 21, 31, or older, your daughter will always be your little girl. Although most grown children eventually handle their lives by themselves, there are times when you need to step in. Regardless of her age, your daughter will depend on you if she needs drug addiction treatment. Now, she…

Meth Effects Infographic

Meth Effects [Infographic]

Over a million people in the United States use the drug meth on a regular basis. Sadly, meth effects are incredibly detrimental and the drug can absolutely ruin lives. Taking a closer look at the worst meth effects showcases the need to help those currently abusing the drug.Meth Effects – HallucinationsPerhaps one of the most…

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What’s So Bad About Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving can obviously get people in trouble with the law. Beyond the legal ramifications, it is also a dangerous thing to do. When someone drinks, the alcohol inhibits their ability to think clearly. It also slows down their reaction time. If something happens on the roadway, the driver is less able to react…

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What the Heck is Lean Drug?

Lately, a new drug has become all the rage among teens and adults alike. It has many names, but some common ones include purple drank and lean. What exactly is the lean drug, and is it addictive? It’s important for parents to inform themselves about this deadly new drug and the dangers of using it.What…

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Understanding the Psychotherapy Definition

The treatment of an addiction is a complicated process. It involves complete cooperation from the patient and the dedication of caring counselors or psychologists. What’s usually at stake is the patient’s personal welfare and sometimes his or her life. Of the number of treatment modalities commonly used in the addiction treatment industry, psychotherapy seems the…

Drug abuse statistics infographic.

Drug Abuse Statistics [Infographic]

Drug addiction is something that can happen to anyone. It doesn’t discriminate, impacting people from all walks of life, ages and locations. The enormity of drug abuse statistics shows just how big the problem is. Learning about drug abuse is the first step toward combatting it all together.1 in 10 Americans Abuses Illegal DrugsIn the case…