opioid use disorder

What is an Opioid Use Disorder?

Opioid abuse is one of the biggest health crisis in the United States. An OUD, or opioid use disorder, is another name for opioid addiction. If you’re using opioids and they are causing problems in your life, then you might be struggling with an OUD. Take a closer look at this opioid drug abuse, how…

drug rehab programs for men

Drug Rehab Programs for Men

Drug addiction isn’t gender-specific. It can impact people from all walks of life, and it certainly affects both men and women. However, men may benefit from programs designed exclusively for their needs and their recovery. Find out how drug rehab programs for men can be advantageous for male clients ready to overcome addiction.Plug Into a…

valium side effects

Dangerous Valium Side Effects

Valium is a prescription drug that belongs to the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. It is primarily prescribed for anxiety and muscle spasms. Whether clients are using it as recommended or they are abusing the drug, Valium side effects can be a problem. Explore some of the most common, as well as the most…

klonopin and alcohol

Don’t Mix Klonopin and Alcohol

When a physician says don’t mix medications with alcohol, they are offering this information for good reasons. Simply put, it’s dangerous. The best thing anyone can do for their health is to listen to what doctors have to say about mixing medications. Of course, some people are always willing to push the envelope. You should…

heroin withdrawal timeline

A Look at the Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

If you have an addiction to heroin and want to stop, you’ll need to face the inevitability of withdrawal. There’s an excellent chance your body is going to react to sudden abstinence. We understand how scary heroin withdrawal symptoms can be. Perhaps, a little knowledge about withdrawal and the normal heroin withdrawal timeline will help…

long term effects of crystal meth

What are the Long Term Effects of Crystal Meth

With an absolute focus on now, a majority of crystal meth addicts forget to consider long-term consequences from crystal meth drug abuse. The euphoria they get seems to be enough until the next hit. Unfortunately, the potential long term effects of crystal meth can be quite dangerous. Setting aside addiction for a moment, the possible…

falling off the wagon

What to Do After Falling Off the Wagon

You worked so hard to overcome a drug or alcohol habit. Then, something happened and you fell back into old habits. However, did you know that falling off the wagon is a valuable learning experience? Here’s how you can profit from it.What Falling off the Wagon Tells YouThere are stresses and triggers that you didn’t…

ghb drug effects

How to Recognize GHB Drug Effects

Many people experience GHB drug effects without realizing they used the Schedule I drug. Others purposefully abuse this substance commonly called a “date rape drug,” too. Although its natural form is an important brain chemical, manufactured GHB is both addictive and highly dangerous.According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), GHB has no medicinal uses. It…

Pills and alcohol on a table during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

Once again, America finds itself facing another drug addiction epidemic. As usual, the nation’s teens would seem to be the most vulnerable to what’s taking place from shore-to-shore. Unfortunately, kids are operating under a series of myths about drug and alcohol addiction. That’s precisely why the nation observes National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW)…

chronic pain and addiction

Fight Chronic Pain and Addiction

What happens if someone suffers from chronic pain and then becomes addicted to their painkillers? That’s a notable internal conflict with which many people have to deal. To successfully navigate the use of painkillers while treating pain issues, it becomes a balancing act. The doctor prescribes the right dosage and hopes the patient follows the…