nutrition and addiction recovery

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery at Beaches Recovery

Long-term drug or alcohol use negatively impacts your health in many ways. Of course, we know addiction affects organs, stress, mood, sleep, and relationships. However, you may overlook how addiction changes your diet and health. For example, stimulants like cocaine often suppress hunger to the point of severe weight loss. Similarly, opioids like Vicodin slow down…

how long does it take to detox from heroin

How Long Does It Take to Detox from Heroin?

Heroin addiction is one of the toughest to break. In the first place, heroin is a potent opioid made from morphine that rapidly enters the brain after injection or snorting. Thereupon, the drug creates a pleasurable “rush” people eventually can’t live without. Ultimately, heroin users’ bodies become reliant and keep needing larger amounts to feel…

trauma informed practices

Trauma Informed Practices During Addiction Treatment

It’s not uncommon for people with a history of drug and alcohol abuse to also have a history of past trauma. When addiction specialists incorporate trauma informed practices for these clients, treatment is often much more effective. The right approach can help clients finally begin the process of moving past the trauma into a healthier,…

dbt vs cbt

Is There a Difference Between DBT vs. CBT?

Addiction treatment involves various therapies. Specialists in this field understand the importance of taking the right therapeutic approach to each client. Regarding behavioral therapy, many people might consider the differences in DBT vs. CBT. These two therapies share some similarities, but the ways they differ make them most appropriate for specific situations.Negative Thoughts Can Turn…

dating someone in drug addiction recovery

How to Deal With Dating Someone in Drug Addiction Recovery

Are you dating someone in drug addiction recovery? Were you there during the bad times? Most importantly, are you sober, too? Here are some thoughts on how to maintain your relationship.Dating Someone in Drug Addiction Recovery Brings ChallengesYou suddenly feel guilty every time you think of having a drink. Rather than enjoying a beer, you…

how long do delirium tremens last

How Long Do Delirium Tremens Last?

When you break free from alcohol addiction, there can be withdrawal symptoms along the way. One symptom is known as DTs, or delirium tremens. As one of the most worrying symptoms of withdrawal, DTs receive a lot of attention. Take a closer look at what the DTs really are and get the answer to the…

do I drink too much

Do I Drink Too Much?

People like to believe that determining if someone is an alcoholic is subjective. Unfortunately, that’s far from reality. Over the years, the addiction treatment community has been able to come up with some substantial criteria for measuring alcoholism. Even Alcoholics Anonymous has 20 questions that are pretty good at exposing potential drinking problems. If you…

signs of employee drug use

Recognizing Signs of Employee Drug Use

In the business world, the employee base is usually a company’s most important asset. When even a single employee is struggling with addiction, it can have a profound effect on how the organization functions. It should go without saying that nonfunctional assets will eventually cost a company money and time. For that reason alone, you…

dangers of inhalants

Dangers of Inhalants

Sniffing glue or inhaling the fumes from an aerosol can might not sound dangerous. That’s the argument millions of people have used to justify such behavior. After all, how dangerous can a substance be if kids can buy it at any local convenience store? The real answer to that question is–extremely dangerous. People have abused…

drug relapse warning signs

Notice Drug Relapse Warning Signs

It takes a lot of hard work to get through addiction treatment on the way to a lasting recovery. Unfortunately, recovery is not something that exists in a vacuum. It requires diligence on the part of those recovering over their lifetime. Why do so many people relapse at least once? The answer to this question…