a person pouring out pills wondering the difference of opiates vs opioids

Opiates vs. Opioids: What is the Difference?

What is the difference between opiates vs. opioids? All opiates are opioids, but not all opioids are opiates. Opioids refer to substances that act on the brain’s opiate receptors. Opiates are natural alkaloids found in the opium poppy that act on the brain’s opiate receptors. If you are suffering from opioid addiction, an opiate addiction…

Choosing Beaches Recovery for Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction Treatment Programs at Beaches Recovery

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs with Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida (FL)If you’re struggling with drug abuse, rehab and recovery are within your reach. Ready to make positive changes to your life? Beaches Recovery’s comprehensive addiction treatment programs help successfully rehabilitate lives every day. Our drug and alcohol treatment center continually invests in the most advanced…

a bag of pills showing what is glass

What Is Glass?

Learn the difference between glass vs. meth so you can answer the question, “What is glass?” Understanding the facts about how this substance impacts your body is an essential first step. When you’re ready, the supportive staff at Beaches Recovery has a meth addiction rehab center in Jacksonville, FL, that can help.What Is Glass?Methamphetamine has been…

Getting Started with Sober Living at Beaches Recovery

Sober Living at Beaches Recovery

Sober Living: For Those Who Aren’t Ready To Return To “Normal Life”Patients who undergo an extended stay with inpatient treatment without acquiring the skills for sobriety outside of the clinical environment face a higher probability of relapse. Fortunately, sober living is a happy medium for patients who are not ready to resume their regular lives and are…

individualized recovery programs at beaches recovery

Individualized Recovery Programs

Individualized Recovery Programs at Beaches RecoveryAre you or a loved one struggling with addiction and related, co-occurring disorders? Do you need a fresh start through individualized recovery? At Beaches Recovery, we offer the highest level of care and give our patients the best possible resources to ensure successful rehabilitation.Clients at Beaches Recovery’s Jacksonville addiction treatment…

a woman sitting in the rain needing help with how to control anxiety

How to Control Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you know how debilitating it becomes. It is enough to completely shut you down and prevent you from fully enjoying life. Anxiety also has the ability to come out of nowhere. Suffering from anxiety itself can actually bring about more anxiety, creating a never-ending cycle. However, it doesn’t need to…

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Meet Bonnie!

We’ve decided to start highlighting some of our employees each month because we think they are not only exceptional employees, but also exceptional human beings. They go above and beyond at work and at home to represent the Beaches Recovery and Tides Edge team. We’re so proud to call them a part of our family!This…

frustrated alcoholic with bottle of alcohol experiencing effects of alcohol on the brain

Damaging Effects of Alcohol on The Brain

Slurred speech, difficulty concentrating, recklessness, and impaired decision-making skills are just a small sampling of the adverse effects of alcohol on the brain. While several of alcohol’s negative effects make their appearance after only a few drinks, many of its more damaging consequences evolve over time. Even so, alcohol is commonplace in nearly every culture.…

types of family therapy in drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs

Types of Family Therapy

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, you may not know how to provide support, or where to turn to for help. If you want to help your loved one, start by getting them help with a family therapy program in Jacksonville, FL. Different types of family therapy are available to…

is heroin an opioid

Is Heroin An Opioid?

We hear quite a bit in the news and on social media about the opioid epidemic. With the number of opioid overdoses continuously rising, the epidemic is alarming. There are several drugs— some are prescriptions and some are synthetic street drugs. People may wonder, is heroin an opioid? If you or someone you love is…