substance abuse assessment

Why Would I Need a Substance Abuse Assessment?

When someone enters rehab, the counselors at the treatment center should know about the physical and mental condition of that patient. Aside from loved ones and close friends, the patient is the only one who knows the truth about their addiction. Giving the proper kind of treatment is a complicated process. To ensure that the…

middle-aged man deep in thought during Drug Addiction Therapy

Drug Addiction Therapy

For the most part, people don’t just randomly decide to start abusing substances. Most addicts become addicts because they are looking for something that’s missing inside of themselves. Knowing people who abuse substances have personal issues makes it easier to understand why drug addiction therapy is essential. Any attempts a person makes to stop using…

how to fight addiction

This is How to Fight Addiction

The most significant mistake you can make about your addiction is believing your fate is sealed. You may not be sure how to fight addiction, but detox and rehab can help you. Unfortunately, most addicts just don’t know where to go or what to do. They stay stuck in the cycle of addiction for longer…

define rehabilitation

We Define Rehabilitation for Substance Abuse

Rehabilitation, also called rehab, helps people recover from past circumstances. But substance abuse programs remain the most known types of rehab. People suffering from drug or alcohol addiction need rehabilitation for a better life in recovery. Below we define rehabilitation for substance abuse.How Do We Define Rehabilitation for Substance Abuse?We define rehabilitation for substance abuse…

sober living florida

What Kind of Sober Living Florida Offers

What’s it like to live without using? This question occupies the thoughts of many who want to overcome addiction with the help of rehab. It might even sound scary. When you sign up for the sober living Florida therapists support, you have guidance at every step of the way.What is Sober Living Florida Rehab Participants…

what is purple drank

What is Purple Drank?

Not a day goes by that some street chemist isn’t busy in their drug lab. They are trying to come up with the latest designer drug people can use to destroy their lives. In recent years, we have seen an epidemic created by the use of prescription drugs like Oxycontin. We have seen meth and…

what is mdma

What is MDMA?

You’ve probably heard more about MDMA than you realize because the drug goes by multiple names. Once called ecstasy among teens and young adults, MDMA is now called Molly on the streets. Despite the new name, MDMA is the same old drug it has been since the Victorian Era, over 100 years ago. So what…

what is acupuncture therapy

What is Acupuncture Therapy?

When someone is struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, acupuncture therapy is often a bonus option for treatment. If you are on your way to treatment for addiction, however, you may be wondering, “What is acupuncture therapy?”In the following article, we will address the question, “What is acupuncture therapy?” We will also explain how…

mental health and addiction

What Do Mental Health and Addiction Have in Common?

There is an undoubted connection between mental health and addiction. And when this occurs, it is essential that the individual gets help for both issues while in rehab.Below, we explore more about the links between mental health and addiction. We’ll also explain how you can get help if you or a loved one is struggling…

detox meaning

The Detox Meaning that Will Push You to Treatment

Sometimes, the harsh realization of what someone is doing to themselves may drive them to action. In the case of an addiction, a lot of addicts remain in denial about their illness. That is until something reminds them about the seriousness of the consequences of drug or alcohol addiction. The detox meaning is certainly enough…