man struggles with weed abuse

Weed Abuse Rampant in High Schools

If you have a high school child, you may already know that marijuana or weed abuse is rampant among high school teens. In some teens, this problem leads to marijuana addiction, which can become a serious problem down the line. Adolescents are still developing both physically and mentally. Abusing marijuana can cause serious development issues…

man struggles with alcoholism signs

Significant Alcoholism Signs

Nearly all adults drink. Whether it’s a few beers at a Friday night party, a cocktail, or glass of champagne at a wedding, or some wine after a long day at work, alcohol is a common beverage. Because alcohol is so socially acceptable and easy to get, it can be easily abused, leading individuals to…

young girl shows family problems with addiction

My Family Problems with Addiction

Having a loved one who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol is extremely difficult for everyone involved. Whether it’s your child, spouse, or parent, you can see how drug or alcohol abuse causes family problems with addiction. Addiction can cause strain between family members in several ways. Sometimes, family members can contribute to the…

man deals with drug withdrawal symptoms

How to Deal with Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person depending on several factors, such as what drug is abused. But no matter what drug is abused, individuals experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to quit or fail to use as frequently as their addicted system needs or in a large enough amount. When these symptoms appear,…

2 women celebrate 12 step meetings

General Outline of 12 Step Meetings

One of the most common ways to combat addiction is through the use of the 12 step philosophy. The 12 steps have helped those struggling with addiction for more than 70 years. They have helped millions of people find lasting sobriety. Many addiction treatment facilities offer a 12 step program. Here at Beaches Recovery, we…

depressed man needs light therapy

Light Therapy for Depression Is Easy in Florida

Addiction is a complicated disease. It has physical and mental aspects that have to be addressed together or an individual struggling with addiction will likely have an extremely difficult time making a lasting recovery. When it comes to addiction’s mental or emotional aspects, many individuals have a difficult time maintaining positive mental health during the…