Teens Abusing Cough Syrup.

Teens Abusing Cough Syrup

Teenagers can be very resourceful. When they make their minds up to do something, they’re very persistent in their pursuit. For instance, it’s not always easy or affordable for teenagers to find and buy illicit drugs. If they have a desire to get high, they’ll find alternatives. One popular alternative kids use these days is…

Learn Why Quitting Benzos Cold Turkey is Dangerous.

Professional Help for Quitting Benzos

When someone is taking a prescription medication for a chronic disorder, it’s not always practical to cease taking that drug. The only viable reason why someone might consider doing that is if an addiction forms. When it comes to benzos, that very scenario happens more often than we would like to admit. The problem with…

a man wonders why do people self medicate

Why Do People Self Medicate?

Life in America is stressful. Every day, people have to deal with personal issues that push the limits of what they can handle. There’s also a group of people who have to deal with physical and emotional problems that make their lives unbearable at times. On the list of why do people self medicate, these…

Healing from Addiction Takes Time.

Healing from Addiction Takes Time

You’re about to enroll in rehab. It’s a courageous step that’ll change the trajectory of your life. How long does healing from addiction typically take? Is there a way to speed up the process?Think of Healing from Addiction as a Marathon, Not a SprintYou don’t want to hear it, but every person’s different. Therefore, each…

Overcoming Addictive Behaviors with Help.

Overcoming Addictive Behaviors with Help

Both medical professional and psychology groups acknowledge that addiction is an illness. As such, people should refrain from being overly judgmental about an addiction sufferer’s behavior. To a large degree, however, they are helpless to control most of their actions as they relate to the addiction. The path to overcoming addictive behaviors starts with the…