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Helping Hands

At Beaches Recovery, we do different activities such as art therapy as a way to help clients access the creative side of the brain which can be healing for some people. We also love to help clients find creative outlets such as art therapy or outdoor activities so that they can find joy in their…

a woman asking her doctor does insurance cover drug rehab

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Living with someone who struggles with illicit substance or alcohol abuse can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. But does insurance cover drug rehab? Thankfully, if either of you has insurance, inpatient and outpatient services in Jacksonville may be more attainable to you.Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, offers nationally recognized dual diagnosis…

a person hiking as part of his Cocaine Treatment in Florida

Looking for Cocaine Treatment in Florida? We can help!

In many Florida counties, as many as 400 individuals are admitted to drug rehab centers each year for a variety of substances, including cocaine. This is especially true in areas such as Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The number of individuals struggling with cocaine abuse has risen to increasingly higher numbers. Treatment centers in the Sunshine…

a person heating up heroin in a spoon who needs heroin rehab in Florida

Reclaim Your life Through Heroin Rehab in Florida

While deaths related to nonmedical prescription drug abuse has been on the decline in Florida, reports over the last few years have shown that the number of people addicted to heroin is clearly on the rise. Working to actively bring down the number of people who are struggling with heroin addiction, addiction treatment centers focusing…

a young man in need of cocaine rehab

An Accredited Cocaine Rehab Will Promote Prevention After Treatment

Each year, approximately 4% of Florida residents are reported to have a recent history of using illicit drugs other than marijuana. Many communities struggle with central nervous system stimulants such as cocaine, with the drug continuing to weave its way through communities in the Sunshine State.While there are many rehabilitation programs throughout the state designed…