signs of drug use

Clear Signs of Drug Use

If a young, loved one in your life is exhibiting possible signs of drug use, you are not alone. Teen drug abuse is a common problem that many parents face as their children grow older. Fortunately, there are quality drug addiction programs that can help your teen get their life back on track. Comprehensive treatment…

alcohol abuse statistics

Surprising Alcohol Abuse Statistics?

Alcohol is a unique addictive substance, because it’s legal, and it’s everywhere. In fact, you likely can’t go a day without seeing alcohol on TV, in movies, on billboards, at the store, or even on the street. Still, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Many people would be surprised to learn the…

alcohol and substanceabuse

You Need Rehab for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

We often think addicts are slaves to one substance. Heroin or cocaine might be the drug of choice and the reason for the addiction. The reality is a lot of people will abuse several substances at the same time. Without a doubt, alcohol and substance abuse are common partners for the majority of abusers. That’s…


5 Shocking Alcohol Abuse Facts [Infographic]

Alcohol abuse is a rampant and growing problem. It can impact people of all demographics. However, it is often ignored until it starts to personally affect individuals you know and love. Explore the issue with these five shocking alcohol abuse facts.1. Liver Disease Caused by Alcohol Kills Thousands Every YearAlcohol is responsible for more than…

heroin definition

What is the Heroin Definition, Exactly?

Most people have heard of heroin, yet they don’t understand the drug’s history, how it works in the body, and why it is so addictive. In fact, heroin has been around for thousands of years, especially in regions like Mexico, Latin America, and Asia. Learn the exact heroin definition, the history of heroin, what it…

what is meth

What is Meth?

If you’ve been hearing a lot about meth or noticed that it’s in the news more often, you may be wondering, what is meth. Maybe a loved one has been struggling with meth abuse or addiction. It is essential you learn about this substance abuse problem and get help. Below, we will outline what meth…

what is alcohol abuse

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Out of all addictive substances available, it is often said that alcohol is one of the most troublesome. This is because it’s legal and widely available. Unlike drugs like cocaine or heroin, you can obtain alcohol almost anywhere, and if you’re over 21 and have an ID, it’s all above board.For many who have a…

opioid crisis

What are the Facts About the Opioid Crisis?

Typical opioid prescriptions include hydrocodone and oxycodone-containing products. However, officials also count heroin among these drugs when discussing the opioid crisis. What is at the heart of this crisis? And if it affects you right now, what are your options?The American Opioid Crisis by the NumbersThe U.S. Department of Health & Human Services warns that…

causes of alcohol abuse

What are the Causes of Alcohol Abuse?

You can’t figure out why your family struggles with alcohol abuse. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one having an alcohol abuse problem, you may want to educate yourself about alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Let’s look at the key causes of alcohol abuse and what you can do to recover from a…

secrets of addiction

How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction

It’s no secret that addiction causes pain to those involved in its pull or the families of those addicted.  A recent article in National Geographic outlines how researchers are using many avenues to address how the brain works under the influence and how we as a society can aid in new treatment modalities. Why do…