codeine pills

Are Codeine Pills Addictive?

Codeine is typically prescribed to patients that need relief from mild to moderate coughing and pain. When taken as directed, it may not be harmful to the user. But if it’s abused, people who take codeine pills can develop an addiction. It’s possible to get help for a codeine addiction, no matter how long someone…

drug dependency help

When Do I Need Drug Dependency Help?

Did you know that you don’t have to deal with substance abuse by yourself? Drug dependency help is just a phone call away. But how do you know that you need help? Is there a way to tell if you, or a loved one, have an addiction?Don’t be Fooled–Pinpointing Addiction’s Harder Than You ThinkThere are…

side effects of morphine

The Side Effects of Morphine That Indicate Addiction

It would not be much of a stretch to claim morphine is an essential prescription medication. As painkillers go, experts consider this drug to be among the most effective drugs in its category. There are two main issues with the drug, which exist because of the medication’s effectiveness. First, morphine is a favorite drug among…

teen student rehab

Specifics About a Teen Student Rehab

Teenagers and students have different needs in addiction treatment compared to adults. Along with substance abuse issues and withdrawal, teen student rehab programs often must address education needs, co-occurring disorders and family life. Since many addicted young people do not feel like they need treatment, families usually must stage an intervention.The Importance of Teen Student…

ativan side effects

The Most Severe Ativan Side Effects

Ativan has many important medical uses. Doctors will prescribe this medication to treat insomnia, epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome and nausea caused by cancer treatments. That’s the good news. The drug also has a dark side because it’s highly addictive and people abuse it. The abuse comes in the form of patients using it in ways…

vicodin abuse symptoms

How to Treat Vicodin Abuse Symptoms

Doctors typically prescribe Vicodin for moderate to severe pain relief. It contains a combination of the opiate hydrocodone and non-steroidal painkiller acetaminophen. Due to the presence of acetaminophen, people who get addicted to Vicodin strongly risk damaging their liver with excess doses. Vicodin abuse symptoms follow the pattern of other opiates with signs like mood…

addictive behavior

Noticeable Signs of Addictive Behavior

Addictive behavior is a hallmark of substance abuse. Rewarding and reinforcing leads to a behavior becoming addictive. In substance abuse, the reward of the high, and the possible relief of something uncomfortable reinforces the behavior. This reward and reinforcement help cement the psychological compulsion to use an addictive substance.Patterns of Addictive BehaviorResearch has identified some…

psychological dependency on drugs

Undeniable Psychological Dependence On Drugs

When you use drugs, you experience some psychological changes. When you abuse drugs for an extended period, those changes can get more intense. If you continue to abuse drugs, you can develop a psychological dependence. When you’ve developed a psychological dependence on drugs, you’ll need help to transition into a life of sobriety.What Is A…

Pouting woman needs to know the difference between addiction vs dependence

Is There a Difference Between Addiction vs Dependence?

A big part of learning the truth about addiction is learning to understand addiction terminology. Even within the addiction treatment industry, there are questions about the difference between addiction vs dependence. Truthfully, the distinction between these two things is a bit confusing. Just the same, there is a difference. However, both definitions should lead to…

signs of drug withdrawal

Unmistakable Signs of Drug Withdrawal

There’s no denying that the longer a person lives with an addiction, the more health and mental issues they will face. As bad as the problems are while using, there are also some significant issues that come from trying to stop. We call these withdrawal symptoms. People should be aware that the signs of drug…