overcome adderall abuse

How To Overcome Adderall Addiction

Anyone can develop an Adderall addiction very quickly. When someone becomes addicted to it, he or she can have a hard time getting sober. It is possible to overcome Adderall addiction though. With the right help, anyone struggling with an Adderall addiction can get and stay sober.Signs Of Adderall AddictionIt’s not possible to hide an…

alcohol detox process

Steps in the Alcohol Detox Process

The lack of knowledge about addiction treatment could be a deterrent for people who need help. To remove that obstacle, we want to share some information about the alcohol detox process. This process is critical for patients who could be facing significant issues should they suddenly stop drinking. Ultimately, a good detox program is a…

man after detox meeting with counselor for the Individual Counseling Services

Individual Counseling Services

Very seldom, if ever, does someone fall into addiction because they intended to do so. The reality is an addiction is merely a symptom of other issues and problems. These issues can range from relationship to financial problems. They might even come as a result of some psychological disorder. Looking at the possible causes of…

heroin overdose statistics

Most Scary Heroin Overdose Statistics [Infographic]

Heroin Overdose Statistics Prove That the Drug’s Profile Has ChangedHeroin used to have the reputation of killing the young, inner-city male. It’s now killing indiscriminately. At the highest risk are young and middle-aged men. For many, a heroin addiction starts with opioid dependency.You might receive a pain pill prescription from a doctor. You like the…

drug treatment aftercare

Reasons to Do Drug Treatment Aftercare

After spending months or years battling addiction, most addicts are happy to get treatment, finally. It was likely a tough decision for them to admit they have an illness and need help. The tendency is to go through detox and therapy, all the while expecting immediate and permanent results. Unfortunately, things seldom work out so…

vicodin high

Issues Around a Vicodin High

When you go through surgery or suffer an injury, a Vicodin pill offers pain relief. But when not using Vicodin for pain relief, issues exist for those looking for a Vicodin high. Taking the medication as part of everyday living often leads to addiction. It also causes a hard journey back to sobriety.As an opioid,…

man holding a bowl for meditating woman in holistic drug therapy

Holistic Drug Therapy

Gone are the days when therapists treated all addiction patients with a standard treatment program. Through the use of science and psychology, clinicians have been able to devise a broader base of treatment options. Today, we find a number of treatment modalities built around popular concepts like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT),…

withdrawal from alcohol

Is Withdrawal from Alcohol Really Dangerous?

Alcohol abuse comes with a lot of collateral side effects. As dangerous as drinking is to a person’s health, we find that suddenly stopping is just as dangerous. That’s at least in the short term. Why? A deep-rooted addiction to alcohol exposes the user to some perilous withdrawal symptoms when the drinking days are over.…

depression and substance abuse

What to Do About Depression and Substance Abuse

Many people with substance abuse issues don’t realize the adverse effects that drugs and alcohol have on their mental health. They often abuse these addictive substances to feel better. While drugs and alcohol lead people to believe they’re escaping their problems, the opposite is happening. Depression and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand. As one component…