oxycontin overdose

I’m Worried About An Oxycontin Overdose

Oxycontin is a commonly prescribed pain reliever that’s supposed to help with moderate to extreme pain. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s safe, though. If someone experiences an Oxycontin overdose, he or she can die. Knowing the signs of an overdose, as well as Oxycontin addiction and abuse, can help keep you or your…

therapy for drug addiction

Best Therapy For Drug Addiction

There are many different therapies for drug addiction used in the United States. No one therapy for drug addiction is going to be the best for you. The best treatment for you will likely be a blend of traditional and holistic therapy programs. That mix will provide you with the resources and tools you need…

prescription addiction

Epidemic Prescription Addiction Affects All of Us

America is facing yet another drug abuse epidemic. In the past, the country had to deal with problems like Ecstasy, heroin and cocaine abuse. Today, the issue hits a little closer to home. We are talking about prescription addiction and medication abuse. Why is this close to home? These are not illicit drugs. These are…

what is substance abuse

What is Substance Abuse?

One of the first things you might ask when confronting a loved one about their drug or alcohol habits, is what is substance abuse? Substance abuse refers to the misuse or heavy use of an addictive, and ultimately harmful, substance. Examples of such substances include opiates, alcohol, meth, cocaine, and marijuana.What is Substance Abuse and…

signs and symptoms of alcoholism

The Early Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

How many times do we hear people say they could have helped an alcoholic if only they had seen some signs and symptoms of alcoholism? True enough. It’s not always easy to detect when someone is drinking too much. It usually starts with some form of social drinking. No one thinks much of it because…

preventing addiction

How We Should Be Preventing Addiction

What would your present-day self tell your younger self? If you’re struggling with chemical dependency, you might warn yourself. But how early can preventing addiction begin? More importantly, what do you do when you’re already dealing with it in your life?Preventing Addiction Starts before the Preteen YearsGovernment officials track the ages of drug users they…

symptoms of morphine withdrawal

What are the Symptoms of Morphine Withdrawal?

Morphine is a derivative of the opium poppy. It affects the body’s opioid receptors that regulate pain responses. People also abuse the drug for recreational purposes. What are the symptoms of morphine withdrawal, and how do you deal with them?How Severe are Symptoms of Morphine Withdrawal?You find the drug in a variety of brand name…

addiction rehab DC

Florida Instead of Addiction Rehab DC Offers

The District of Columbia has a significant need for addiction treatment. The area’s high-stress environment is most certainly a contributing factor. Interestingly, Washington only has limited inpatient addiction rehab DC residents can take advantage of. So, many decide to travel to Florida for this type of service.What’s the Addiction Rehab DC Offers?Of course, there are…

alcohol addiction facts

Disturbing Alcohol Addiction Facts [Infographic]

?Alcohol Addiction Facts Reveal Underage Drinking is a Serious ProblemAbout 2.5 percent of adolescents have an alcohol use disorder. They struggle with daily addiction. They’re also in danger of negative health effects from withdrawal symptoms. Only about 5.2 percent of these adolescents receive professional help for the condition.Untreated Alcohol Use Disorders Can Be DeadlyThe physical…

hydrocodone effects

Hydrocodone Effects Will Lead You to Rehab

Hydrocodone effects lead you to addiction. Once addiction takes hold, the drug’s effects ruin your life. Take these signals of pain and chaos seriously and get the rehab help you need. After rehab, you gain a better life with a real chance for balance and stability.Why People Seek Hydrocodone EffectsOver 140 million people seek the…