substance abuse preventions

What Are Some Substance Abuse Preventions?

Substance abuse and addiction are serious problems throughout the United States today. Many people seek help for substance abuse problems and addictions after realizing they have a problem. But if you’re able to use some substance abuse preventions to completely prevent a substance abuse problem or full-blown addiction, this is even better. Below, we’ll outline…

history of heroin

The History of Heroin Use

One of the most illegal and dangerous drugs on the streets today is heroin. Most people have heard of this drug, but do they know that it’s actually thousands of years old? The history of heroin is extensive and quite complicated.Let’s take a look at the history of heroin and how it has become one…

Men engaging in substance abuse group therapy activities

Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

There are many ways to approach addiction treatment. If you’re just starting your journey to a sober life, you’re likely to find that facilities may specialize in one type of treatment versus another. Many facilities focus heavily on providing group style therapy to individuals who are suffering from addiction. Here’s some information on what substance…

teen substance abuse

Statistics on Teen Substance Abuse

Teen substance abuse continues to be a significant problem in US. While they may find new substances to abuse from time to time, teens still use drugs and alcohol as an escape from the typical issues plaguing America’s youth. Perhaps by taking an honest look at the numbers, we can all get some insight into…

mdma to lose weight

Should I Use MDMA to Lose Weight?

MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is more commonly known as Ecstasy. Primarily, Ecstasy is used as a party or recreational drug. Its effects almost instantly cause euphoria and overall heightened senses. Using MDMA to lose weight is another common practice.In fact, Ecstasy was originally developed as a weight loss aid. Today, even though it is mainly used…

preparing for rehab

Steps to Preparing for Rehab

As hard as you worked at your addiction, you’ll  work just as hard or harder on continuing recovery. There are two steps to recovery, getting clean and staying clean. Regardless of any alternatives, you might be considering, treatment in a reputable rehab facility is the only reliable resource at your disposal to get clean. As…

how much purple drank will kill you

How Much Purple Drank Will Kill You?

Starting in the 1990s, twenty-somethings devised a new way to get high and create health issues in the process. This special party concoction has mind-altering effects to go along with some other desirable side effects. Unfortunately, this same man-made concoction has some very destructive properties that include being highly addictive and prone to overdose. With…


How Long Does Xanax Last in the Body?

It’s interesting to note how little people know about the medications they take. When doctors prescribe drugs, they often give the patient a little background information on it. Pharmacies are available to confirm this information when customers pick up their prescriptions. Still, the information doesn’t always seem to register. If you ask a Xanax user,…

partial hospitalization

Explanation of Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment

Partial hospitalization treatment is designed for clients who definitely need drug or alcohol addiction treatment but do not need around-the-clock medical assistance and supervision.For many clients, this is the ideal form of treatment service. Generally speaking, clients will live at home and only attend treatment at their facility once a day. Depending on the severity…