stimulant abuse

How Does Stimulant Abuse Affect People?

Like any drug, stimulant abuse can cause short-term and long-term effects on the human body. Many people start using stimulants in recreational settings. Before long, they develop a tolerance. They have to use more stimulants to achieve the same effect. Over time, this can lead to emotional, mental and physical health consequences.The Short-Term Effects of…

drug cocaine

The Drug Cocaine Did Not Disappear with the 80s

Baby boomers will certainly remember the onset of the disco era in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a time when America was in transition and liberal values were taking over the country. It’s also the time frame when cocaine became America’s drug of choice. As the new drug flowed free in dance…

signs of substance abuse

Don’t Ignore Signs of Substance Abuse

Many people use addictive substances and don’t struggle with substance abuse or addiction. Others do struggle, though. Those that do will show signs of substance abuse that they can’t cover up. If you see any signs of substance use problems, it may be time to get yourself or your loved one some professional help.Physical Signs…

meth addict

Physical Cues that Your Son May Be A Meth Addict

We would all like to believe we know and understand our children. However, things have changed over the years. Our children have grown more independent, making it difficult to always know what they are up to at any given time. As a parent, it’s important for you to be on the lookout for changes in…

inpatient mental health

Inpatient Mental Health and Addiction Needs Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental health issues and substance abuse problems go hand-in-hand. People that struggle with both often enter a dual diagnosis treatment program. While the program is helpful, it’s not usually effective unless the patient also gets inpatient mental health therapy. It’s important for people who need dual diagnosis treatment to enter the program at a treatment…

heroin rehab centers

Heroin Rehab Centers Best Way To Get Completely Drug-Free

Heroin is a commonly used drug throughout the United States. That means many people in the country are likely struggling with heroin abuse and addiction. Some may try to get sober on their own. But, people wanting to recover should look to heroin rehab centers to help them on their journey to sobriety.Why People Should…

drug issues

Drug Issues Affect the Family

Drug issues don’t happen in a vacuum. You might believe that what you’re doing isn’t hurting anyone. However, that’s not accurate. In fact, your drug use might be affecting more people than you realize.Others Pick up the Slack Your Drug Issues CreateWhen you’re married and using, your spouse frequently has to make up for your…

cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Recovery Work?

For many, addiction treatment is a great unknown. They don’t understand what goes on behind the gates of a rehab facility. Obviously, therapists help program participants overcome the need to use drugs. And cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction is one of the tools they use.Understanding the Disease Model of AddictionTherapists and researchers now agree that…

rehab care group

Beaches Recovery Offers a Rehab Care Group

The most difficult thing an ill drug user faces is a pervasive feeling they are alone and misunderstood. Even when someone has a group of fellow users to hang around with, they’re still innately aware something is wrong in their universe. When it comes time for treatment, good counselors will do everything possible to give…

gateway drugs

Stay Away from Gateway Drugs

The idea of gateway drugs includes substances that are habit-forming, but not necessarily harmfully addictive themselves. Using these drugs could potentially lead the person to try harder drugs with a much higher potential for abuse and addiction. Teens are often especially at risk to trying these types of drugs and eventually being led to harder…